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strategic Direction

Innovation in the banking and financial services

BRM has embedded itself into financial innovation by choosing an appropriate approach to banking and financial services. Its business model is based on some key operational principles:

The “wholesale banking” approach

BRM positions itself as a major regional distributor of securities and an important counterparty for the big regional issuers thanks to the level of its participation in primary markets and its intense activity in the secondary markets.

BRM customers are institutional investors (insurance companies, pension funds, social security institutions, SICAVs, FCPs, etc.), banks, brokerage firms and international investors.

The “regional” approach

BRM is keen to maintain a presence in all the markets of the region, as business opportunities come from any market regardless of its size or relative sophistication.


To optimize operational efficiency, BRM operates from its headquarters in Dakar (Senegal) and a limited number of branches. The strength of its market coverage will depend on synergies created with carefully selected financial partners (banks, post office networks, savings and other financial institutions, etc.).

Information Technology

BRM technology platform supports multiple distribution channels and enables the automation of complex processes and operational tasks. That investment provides the right level customer and partner integration, and the same quality of service across markets at all time.

Constant adaptation to meet customer demand

For BRM, intermediation through securities constitutes a strong financial leverage. Its “tailor-made approach” provides adaptability, flexibility and diversification to meet the needs of customers seeking sustainable superior financial returns.

New channels of finance

For all customers, corporate or individuals, BRM builds solutions with high added value covering their needs in financing, investment, management, advisory and special financial structures.